I’m Lauren, a 27 year old from sunny Perth, Western Australia.

"Lauren Loves Laughter" started out in 2013 as a fashion and beauty blog. It has since evolved to encompass my wider interests and now covers topics such as simple living, style, travel, foodie finds, and how to create a fulfilling and inspiring life (I love sharing my tips and discoveries as I make my way through this ever changing adventure!)


A Little About Me

I’m a fan of the simple things in life – strolls by the river with my new hubby, brunching with my best friends (breakfast is my fave meal), mothering my collection of indoor plants and drinking endless cups of Irish breakfast tea.

I’m a fashion lover who’s also a wannabee minimalist so I’ve embraced the capsule wardrobe and do my best to curate a classic, effortless and playful style that’s still colourful and fun, but without the excess.

I’m a true homebody, and dream of one day living in a beautiful old house with high ceilings, wooden floorboards and white walls, but for now I’m totally content with our little apartment which we’ve been slowly turning into a cozy sanctuary.

I want to create a life that I don’t need a holiday from, but of course I still adore travelling and exploring new corners of the world whenever I can, and my “wanderlust list” is ever expanding.

I love taking photos and sharing about all these things here on the blog and hope it can inspire you to also notice the simple pleasures and make each day a little more magical.

A few more fun facts to help you get to know me!

1.     I'm a total early bird and mornings are my fave time of day (but I'm completely hopeless after 9pm!)

2.     Gilmore girls is my absolute favourite TV show

3.     I’m a Harry Potter nerd (I’m a 90’s kid, of course I am!) and used to be extremely jealous of Emma Watson for getting the part of Hermione.

4.     Despite the jealousy I was actually a big Emma Watson fan and used to follow a website called “Dress Like Emma” that detailed all her outfits. I guess that was my first introduction into the world of fashion and blogging!

5.     I’m not into sport at all and am usually very uncoordinated, but I LOVE skiing. That whooshing feeling you get while zooming through the snow is the best!

6.     My favourite colours are pink and white

7.     Taylor Swift is my fave singer

8.     I also love older music – Queen and The Beetles are the best!

9.     People always seem to think I’m a lot younger than I am. The fact that I love wearing overalls probably has something to do with that.

10. I love listening to podcast – particularly personal development ones about living your best life!

11. Blue skies and sunshine make me very happy (I’m a summer lover)

12) I'm addicted to avocado and eat it every day at work. My colleagues used to find it quite amusing but now it's just the norm :p

13. I love makeup but don’t wear it very often! My lipstick collection is huge and my guilty pleasure is watching beauty and fashion videos on youtube!

14. I recently got married to my amazing hubby, Tom. We’ve been together 8 years and our wedding was the most magical, fun and laughter filled celebration! You can check out the video here if you like!

15. I had so much fun planning our wedding that I’m kinda dabbling with the idea of becoming a wedding planner… maybe….

16. I used to be so embarrassed if anyone in my “real life” asked about my blog. It’s still something I’m working on overcoming but I’ve been slowly feeling more confident and comfortable with telling people about this hobby of mine!

17. I’m a dentist. Sometimes it’s a pretty cool job, but I’m still trying to figure out what I’d really love to do with my life!

18. So to help with that, this year I’m focusing on following my curiosities and delving deeper into the things that spark my interest (one of those being blogging!)

The thing I love about blogging is how it can connect like minded people from all over the world so I’d love to hear from you in the comments or to connect on Instagram! (@laurennatalia)
Let’s be blogging friends :)

Lots of Love